Correnna Keats

Fascial Remodeling Instructor

"Your Health is My Passion"

Correnna draws on her knowledge, experience, and hands-on skills, to assesses clients' concerns, ranging from issues of chronic pain, MS, joint dysfunction, tendinopathies, idiopathic pathologies to orthopedic issues. Using the Osteopathic principles and addressing the body as a whole, Correnna makes the best treatment plan with her client’s needs and concerns as the priority. Treatment plans include short/long term goals, obtaining optimal health using the modalities of Manual Osteopathy (MOT), Remedial Massage (RMT), client education, and using a multidisciplinary approach working alongside other health and wellness practitioners such as Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, physiotherapist, and allopathic Drs.

Correnna Looks forward to helping you on your journey to whole-body wellness 

Jeannine Coupland

Doctor of Acupuncture

Jeannine is a Registered Doctor of Acupuncture and has been practicing in Alberta for the past 7 years.
Acupuncture became an interest to her after she experienced her first treatment for back pain. It was then that she knew she wanted to learn more about traditional Chinese's Medicine and share it with others.

Jeannine utilizes many traditional Chinese modalities with her treatments including cupping, guasha, electro-acupuncture and ear acupuncture. Her treatments are patient focused and specific to each individual needs

Mark Morgan

BSc Kinesiology, MOT

Along wit his BSc in Kinesiology, this October Mark graduates as a fully licensed Manual Osteopathic Therapies ( MOT). Throughout this process, Mark discovered numerous ways to take the wear and tear out of every-day life, maintain wellness, and provide the right conditions for the body to heal itself. Mark is excited to welcome new clients looking to improve overall health and maintain a positive lifestyle. Building on his systemic understanding of the science of the human movement, Mark practices on the foundation that movement is a key component for maintaining physical and mental health. With focus on sport, rehab, and repetitive strain injuries; Mark works with his clients to determine the best treatment plan to address short term and long term goals and increase overall quality of life using methods of Manual Osteopathy and physical therapy.

Stephanie Lochmueller

RMT, FST, CHN, CFSC, MOT Student           

“Health is a state of body; wellness is a state of being.” Stephanie is an Integrative Manual Therapist, with designations in Massage (RMT), Fascial Stretch (FST), Holistic Nutrition (CHN) and Functional Strength Coaching (CFSC). She is also currently, a student of Manual Osteopathic Therapy. Utilizing cutting edge and traditional manual therapies, including cupping and blading (IASTM), Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) and kinesiology taping, she offers holistically focused and individualized treatment plans for each client’s unique needs. A holistic approach means considering each pillar of wellness, from the mind-body connection to nutrition and sleep, to movement mechanics to get to the root causes and honour each body’s innate healing abilities. Stephanie’s passion is helping you understand your symptoms and giving you the tools you need to empower you to live your best, pain-free life!

Karen Vito

Karen graduated from MaKami College as a 3,000 hour Registered Massage Therapist. Karen's passion for dance and her recovery from dance-related injuries led her to become a massage therapist. She saw the amazing benefits of regular maintenance, injury prevention and recovery from massage. She is also currently a student of Manual Osteopathic Therapy at Manual Osteopathic College of Canada. To name a few, Karen is certified in relaxation, therapeutic, sport massage, myofascial cupping, IASTM and RAPID NFR (upper body). In addition to completing her RMT designation, Karen has also completed her Fascial Movement Taping Certification. Karen dances and performs in contemporary, modern and ballet. With her experience in dance, knowledge in massage therapy, she hopes to help clients with their sport related injuries.

Ryan Staal

My goal is to deliver an individually unique experience to help create their foundation of success for my clients. Empowering, challenging and helping my clients experience a more fulfilling and impactful life with health as the medium of their success is what I strive for. My previous experience as a personal trainer for the past 10 years has helped me see how important it is to take care of our health and well being. Now from the point of view of a manual osteopathic therapist I can see how much more we can do to help maintain optimum health for our bodies

Lia Muellers

" One day you will look and see that all along you were blooming.'
Before starting her journey to becoming a Massage Therapist she was working as a Journeyman Electrician. Keeping up with the guys was destroying her body and by year 9 in the trades she was feeling pretty broken, mentally and physically. She went to see an Osteopathic Therapist for her pain and after her experience there she realized that what she truly wanted to do was to help people heal. Once covid hit and she was laid off it seemed like the perfect time to start school, so she enrolled to become a Massage Therapist with the dream to one day become an Osteopathic Therapist. Today she is so excited to start her career surrounded by friends and mentors and to be continually learning more to help people feel their best. She has a specific interest in woman’s health and well-being and has plans of starting her Osteopathic training this Spring at MOCC

Casey Pickering

RMT Student
.....Bio coming soon:)

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